Research Applications

The Light-CT Scanner is being used in biomedical research, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals.

The system enables new research opportunities.
Applications currently being investigated include:

  • Skin Models: qualitative and quantitative measurement of layer thicknesses and cell counts
  • Tissue Engineering: imaging hepatocytes and monocytes in cell scaffolds
  • Embryology: automated time series acquisitions for in vivo imaging of drosophila embryos over several day periods; 3D imaging of embryology models such as xenopus, C. Elegans, zebrafish, mammalian embryos (mouse)
  • Plants: for food industry, in depth imaging of apple, lettuce; for botany, imaging of rice, sorghum, tobacco leaves
  • Fat: for cosmetics applications and of medical interest in relation to diabetes, quantitative cell counting can be performed on LLTech images
  • Biofilms: in areas such as waste water treatment, dental bacteria, and the food industry, long-term microscopic imaging of biofilm growth is of interest
  • materials science (e.g. solar panels): coating thickness and quality can be monitored